Trump's Financial Misdeeds

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Trump's Financial Misdeeds by Mind Map: Trump's Financial Misdeeds

1. Journalists

1.1. DeNault, Forensic

1.1.1. article on Deutsche Bank Issues

1.2. David Enrich

1.2.1. Broeksmit Article

1.3. Uncle Blazer

1.3.1. thread on legal issues of SCOTUS case

2. Banks

2.1. Mazars-- Trump's Acct. Firm

2.2. Deutsche Bank

2.2.1. Deutsche Bank Officials w/ Trump Rosemary Vrablic Thomas Bowers 2019 death by "suicide" Justin Kennedy son of Justice Kennedy William Broeksmit 2014 death by "suicide" Val Broeksmit, son, has docs

2.2.2. Trump, Inc. asked for loan payment delay for COVID-19

2.2.3. DBTCA is Deutsche subsidiary Trump worked with

2.2.4. Internal auditors raised red-flags on $ laundering

2.3. Kremlin-owned Gazprombank

2.4. VTB

2.4.1. VTB and Gazprombank were under sanction. Illegal for US citizen to work with

2.4.2. proposed source for Trump's Moscow Tower

3. House Investigations

3.1. SCOTUS denied House request for Deutsche Bank and other financial records, citing their purpose of potential legislation re: $$ laundering. Some argue they should have stated purpose as investigating impeachment

4. Manhattan Criminal Investigation

4.1. hush money

4.1.1. Stormy Daniels

4.1.2. using campaign $$

4.1.3. Michael Cohen was go-between admitted to threatening Daniels

4.2. tax fraud

4.2.1. Fred Trump related fraud

4.3. Prosecutor Vance works for the county encompassing Manhattan, not state AG or Barr, which is crucial independence

5. Bankruptcies

5.1. 4 Casinos Starting in '91

6. Real Estate Deals

6.1. since 1980 more than 25% of all Trump’s U.S. properties have been purchased in secretive, all-cash transactions which enabled buyers to avoid legal scrutiny by shielding identities.

6.2. Bayrock helped sale Trump condos as part of Russian money laundering

6.3. Rybolovlev

6.3.1. Trump sold a $41 million property to Robolovlev for $95 after 2 years

7. Bibliography

7.1. Enrich, Deutsche/Broeksmit

7.2. Enrich, Deutsche/Vrablick

7.3. Enrich, Trump,Inc asking for delay

7.4. DeNault, Deutsche Bank

7.5. Liptak/Haberman, Justice Kennedy

7.6. Kalmbacher, Deutsche suicides

7.7. Frank, Real Estate and Russia

7.8. Unger, Condos and Russia