Ancient Greece Architecture

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Ancient Greece Architecture by Mind Map: Ancient Greece Architecture

1. Housing

1.1. structure

1.1.1. made of sun dried brick on a foundation of stones often crumbles not a very dependable material

1.1.2. roofs made of overlapping clay tiles

1.1.3. andron room floor was tiled, the rest of houses have dirt floors

1.2. most had courtyards

1.2.1. center of all activity

1.3. divided into areas for men and areas for women

1.3.1. separate entrance to street so men did not have to cross the women paths

1.4. had one or two private rooms

1.5. Andron was a room where males could entertain male guests

1.6. limited amount of furniture in every house

2. Theater

2.1. structure

2.1.1. core of Greek theater is orchestra

2.1.2. later theaters suggest that original orchestras were full circles

2.1.3. on far side of orchestra was the stage building where actors would change store clothing, props, etc.

2.1.4. audience sat in the "theatron" semi circular terraced rows of benches

2.2. large

2.3. often located in or near sanctuaries

2.4. open air

2.5. male actors portrayed female characters

2.5.1. all actors wore masks

3. Greek orders

3.1. Doric order

3.1.1. Simplest

3.1.2. no base

3.1.3. shaft is plain

3.1.4. capitals were a circle topped by a square above shaft

3.1.5. Parthenon is a Doric building

3.2. Ionic order

3.2.1. shafts were taller than doric

3.2.2. large bases

3.2.3. capitals had scrolls above the shaft

3.2.4. more decorative then doric

3.2.5. temple of athena nike in athens is a ionic building

3.3. Corinthian order

3.3.1. most decorative

3.3.2. usually most modern people like it

3.3.3. use entasis to make shafts look straight

3.3.4. capitals have flowers and leaves below a small scroll

3.3.5. shafts have flutes

3.3.6. base the same as the Ionic

3.3.7. example is of the Temple of the Sybil in Rome

3.3.8. Romans used Corinthian order more than the Greeks

4. Temples

4.1. Acropolis

4.1.1. finest and greatest sanctuary of Ancient athens

4.1.2. dedicated to goddess Athena

4.1.3. dominates center of modern city

4.1.4. Acropolis of 5th century BC reflects the power and wealth of Athens at its greatest peak of the golden age of Pericles

4.2. The Parthenon

4.2.1. temple of greek goddess Athena

4.2.2. most important surviving building of Classical Greece

4.2.3. regarded as an enduring symbol of Ancient Greece and Athenian democracy

4.2.4. one of the worlds greatest cultural monuments

4.3. The Temple of Athena Nike

4.3.1. important location of a sanctuary dating back to Mycenaean era

4.3.2. strategically located in way that protects the south flank

4.3.3. early in history it was a place of worship for deities associated with wars.

4.4. The Temple of Sybil

4.4.1. one of the earliest surviving examples of the concrete construction

4.4.2. built during 1st century BC

5. Materials

5.1. Unbaked clay

5.2. terracotta

5.3. plaster

5.4. wood

5.5. limestone and marble

6. Bibliography