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science chapter F1 forces and pressure:) by Mind Map: science chapter F1
forces and pressure:)
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science chapter F1 forces and pressure:)


what is a force?

it is a push or pull one object exerts on another, towards our body(pull), from our body forward(push)

forces cannot be seen but its effects can be felt

what are the effects of forces?

make a stationary object move

cause a moving object to change dirrection

how can we measure a force?

in nuetons

3 forces


from a height

uses of gravity, positive, we can stand without falling, negative, New node


contact of 2 or more objects, effects, positive, allow us to hold things, allow cars to brake, negative, causes wear and tear


a magnet and magnetic metal or object, effects, positive, allow the door catch to work, allow fridge doors to be secured, negative, unwanted attraction might take pkace


force per unit area

increase preasure

decrease surface area

formula for calculating pressure

force over area

si unit of measurment