force and pressure

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force and pressure by Mind Map: force and pressure

1. Force

1.1. What is a force

1.1.1. A force is a push or pull

1.2. What are the effects of force

1.2.1. Change direction

1.2.2. speed up,slow down

1.2.3. stop,start

1.3. How can we measure a force

1.3.1. Force meters

1.4. What are the important forces around us

1.4.1. frictional apply lubricats, ball bearings

1.4.2. magnetic unlike poles attract, like poles repel

1.4.3. Gravitaional The greater the mass, the greater the gravitational force. The greater the distance between the 2 objects, the smaller the gravitational force

2. pressure

2.1. what is pressure

2.1.1. Pressure is an expression of force exerted on a surface per unit area.

2.2. How to Increase Pressure

2.2.1. decreasing the area the pressure is acting on

2.3. calculation of pressure

2.3.1. Pressure=