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Force by Mind Map: Force

1. What is force?

1.1. Force is a push or pull

1.2. Force is the capacity to do work or cause physical change

2. Effects of a force

2.1. A force can change the shape of an object

2.2. A force can move an object

2.3. A force can stop a moving object

2.4. A force can change the speed of a moving object

2.5. A force can change the direction of a moving object

3. Types of forces

3.1. Gravitational force

3.2. Elastic spring force

3.3. Frictional force

4. How do we measure force?

4.1. Force= Mass times acceleration (F = ma)

5. Pressure

5.1. What is pressure?

5.1.1. The continuous physical force exerted on or against an object by something in contact with it.

5.2. How to increase pressure?

5.2.1. Increase the amount of force exerted on an object

5.3. How to decrease pressure?

5.3.1. Decrease the amount of force exerted on an object

5.4. How to calculate pressure?

5.4.1. Force/unit area