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Force and pressure by Mind Map: Force and pressure

1. Forces

1.1. What is a force?

1.1.1. A push or pull Lifting Twisting New node Bending Stretching

1.1.2. When we push or pull something we exert force

1.2. Effects of force

1.2.1. We cannot see the force only its effects

1.2.2. What are the effects Changing the speed of a moving object Changing size and shape Start a stationery object to move or stop a moving object Changing the direction of a moving object

1.3. Measuring Force

1.3.1. Measure using a spring balance Compression Expansion

1.3.2. Unit: Newtons(N) named after the English Scientist Sir Issac Newton

1.4. important types of forces

1.4.1. Frictional

1.4.2. Gravitational

1.4.3. Magnetic

2. Pressure

2.1. What is pressure

2.1.1. Pressure is the amount of force per unit area

2.1.2. Decreasing Pressure Increase area

2.1.3. Increasing Pressure Decrease area