Pressure and force

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Pressure and force by Mind Map: Pressure and force

1. Force

1.1. S1 unit: Newton

1.2. Symbol: N

1.3. Effects of a force

1.3.1. can move an object

1.3.2. can stop an object

1.3.3. can change the speed of a moving object

1.3.4. can change the direction of the moving object

1.4. Types of forces

1.4.1. Frictional force Created by 2 surfaces in contact with one another

1.4.2. Magnetic force A force with which a magnet attracts an object

1.4.3. Gravitational force A force that causes objects to be attracted to the Earth(due to gravity) Measured in newtons

2. Pressure

2.1. It is the amount of force acting per unit area.

2.2. To increase pressure, the surface area has to decrease.

2.3. Calculating pressure

2.3.1. Force over area(force/area)

2.3.2. Example for calculating pressure: Eg. A hippo. Weighs 30000N. It stands on 1 feet with an area of 1000cm sq. What is the pressure on the ground? The answer: We use the formula force/area. Thus the answer is 30000N/1000cm sq = 30N/cm sq

2.4. objects with high pressure

2.4.1. sharp knife has a higher pressure as there is more force applied on that small surface area.

2.4.2. high heels

2.5. Objects with a lower pressure

2.5.1. blunt knife

2.5.2. camel feet

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