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Teenage lifestyle by Mind Map: Teenage lifestyle

1. fashion / style

1.1. lots of people are starting to be more independent in their styling choices.

1.1.1. this could mean more organisation and less adult interference modular organiser that can separate different types of clothing (e.g. short white socks from long white socks)

1.2. storage systems on the go

1.2.1. Singaporean youth tend to fixate around string bags. they are not stylish, and look like trash bags String bags are lightweight and can be carried around easily String bags are usually not durable, and the strings they come with are usually flimsy and break off. The main bag is also very weak and can split or tear easily. String bags are not multipurpose, and they cannot carry different things when needed.

2. room

2.1. style/personality

2.1.1. reflect style and personality

2.1.2. can value friends polaroid walls a board that has glue-like surface so you can just stick the polaroid walls.

2.1.3. music. vinyl holder

2.2. teenage rooms are usually messy and unorganized.

2.2.1. this could cause unnecessary fights and disputes between families, which could lead to more serious issues.

2.2.2. Teens are also at the stage where they are starting to transition into adulthood, and learning basic skills is essential, Nowadays parents are also very busy and do not have as much time to teach their kids basic skills. There could be a device that could teach kids how to tidy up or fold clothes. Teens also need to learn how to organise

3. gaming

3.1. done on desk

3.1.1. wires can clutter up, can get yelled at by parents for unorganized table. desk organiser, with lamp and tech deck skatepark or something can cause eyesore

3.1.2. you misplace stuff on the desk and then you have to idea where it went annoying Keyboard case that can hold phone and has wristrest. this can cause frustration, which is a quality of life issue.

3.2. can be done on sofa.

3.2.1. lose remote

3.2.2. losing the remote can be very very annoying, which can cause a lot of anger.

3.2.3. run out of battery This can disrupt a session and cause further outrage.

4. skateboarding

4.1. problems

4.1.1. loud can disturb or distract others in vicinity. this can lead to complaints, confiscation and at serious cases, eviction. can destroy furniture and/or floors and other things when in contact. deck with foam on the end. Skateboarding is seen in the public as a loud, obnoxious and 'punk' sport to the public. If we

4.1.2. dangerous to the skateboarder when doing tricks when you are doing intermediate or advanced tricks, the protection normal protective gear gives is insufficient . this means that there is no point of wearing protective gear like elbow pads wehn you are doing advanced tricks, since they are practically useless. Most beginners do not have enough stability to ride on a skateboard safely.