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Browsers by Mind Map: Browsers

1. Firefox 4

1.1. pros

1.1.1. has some brilliant extensions

1.1.2. is coming up with some fast changes

1.2. cons

1.2.1. Despite spoiling user habits with its convenient extensions

1.2.2. excessive memory consumption and page loading

2. Internet explorer

2.1. pros

2.1.1. The launch time is much better than what it used

2.1.2. To some extent the browser compatibility issues can be resolved

2.2. cons

2.2.1. IE9 still needs to do a lot of work before it can match the add-on quality of its competitors

2.2.2. needs to match the changing habits of end users

3. Opera

3.1. pros

3.1.1. Opera is quite a lightweight browser

3.1.2. Opera has also begin to match Firefox and Chrome with its equally useful extensions which users of these browsers are quite addicted to.

3.2. cons

3.2.1. Opera occasionally did not open a few web pages

3.2.2. requires fixing its performance issues to become a viable alternative to its competitors.

4. Safari

4.1. pros

4.1.1. Safari web browser is clean

4.1.2. It isn’t hard to figure out where the links and buttons are, which is important.

4.2. cons

4.2.1. can't change the built-in search engine from Google

4.2.2. can't remove the Google search field from the Toolbar because it is connected to the Address field, which I need

5. Chrome

5.1. pros

5.1.1. its alternative browsers due to the smooth browsing experience that it provides

5.1.2. I found it surprisingly more efficient than previous versions with a better browsing experience than I hoped for.

5.2. cons

5.2.1. The page loading problem which requires frequently refreshing pages

5.2.2. It appears that Chrome too often leads to the need of reloading pages on Windows