Do you agree that city life is becoming increasingly unattractive?

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Do you agree that city life is becoming increasingly unattractive? by Mind Map: Do you agree that city life is becoming increasingly unattractive?

1. Unattractive points

1.1. Stress: People in city life experience a higher level of stress compared to people in the rural places as there is tough competition among the people in all aspects such as studies and jobs.

1.2. Pollution: As the city life has many people and vehicles, there will be pollution. Air pollution caused by vehicles driven by people and factories to manufacture the different goods for people. Land pollution as people throw their rubbish anywhere. Water pollution due to oil spills from factories and the rubbish thrown into the sea.

1.3. Busy lifestyle: The people do not have much free time for themselves due to their packed schedules and the fast-paced life.

1.4. Infrastructure: Land being cleared for buildings, thus lost of natural areas. The beautiful scenery is also lost as a result and people no longer have a chance to enjoy it.

2. Comparison with other countries

2.1. Canada: The people living there is less stressed out as the pace of life is much slower and the competition there is not as tough.

2.2. New York: The people living there are more stressed out as the pace is faster and the country is very packed with people.

2.3. Singapore: People feel stressed out due to tough competition in most things they do despite their ages as competition for their future starts since they were young.

3. Attractive points of city life

3.1. People will not be bored and they can always find things to do.

3.2. People will have a higher education level, thus they can find better-paying jobs compared to people of other country. They also have the chance to learn more things and increase their knowledge.

3.3. People get to enjoy better quality of life as the country is more organised.

4. From whose point of view is it becoming unattractive?

5. Urban people point of view: They feel that city life is too stressful, there is too much pollution and the busy lifestyle is tiring people out.

6. Rural people point of view: They feel that there is too many things to do and that city people do not have enough time to relax and enjoy life.