Beyond Fittness Forum

A Project map created to support a Landmark seminar, explore collaborative possibilities with WAOE Members, and investigate the possibilities of developing a fitness project to be utilized at Tempe High School.

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Beyond Fittness Forum by Mind Map: Beyond Fittness Forum

1. Goals

1.1. trim waistline

1.2. reduce weight

1.3. increase energy

2. Exercise

2.1. walking

2.2. aerobics/biking

2.3. weight lifting

3. Project

3.1. Walking to Sausalito

3.1.1. weekly log

3.1.2. mapping travel

3.1.3. web page

3.1.4. spreadsheet

3.1.5. student challenge charity pledges interactive math forum clubs & teams record keeping

3.1.6. faculty challenge individual department

3.1.7. alumni challenge

4. Modify Diet

4.1. Food

4.1.1. remembering

4.1.2. shopping

4.2. Eating Schedule

5. My Geistesblitzes

5.1. GreenRoom