Nellie McClung

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Nellie McClung by Mind Map: Nellie McClung

1. Nellie McClung

2. Nellie McClung

3. Nellie McClung

4. Nellie's First Novel

5. Statue of Nellie McClung

6. Contributions

6.1. Canada's first Feminist

6.1.1. New node

6.2. part of the famous five

6.3. right for women to vote

6.4. voted and named Canada's first "Honorary Senators"


7.1. "She's remembered now of course for her contributions to the women's movement" - Granddaughter of Nellie McClung

7.2. "The economic dependence of women is perhaps the greatest injustice that has been to us, and has worked the greatest injury to race."

8. Aspects of Nellie's Life

8.1. borin in Chatsworth, Ontario in 1873

8.2. Canadian Feminist, Politician, and Social Activist

8.3. Part of the Social & Moral movement in the early 1900's

8.4. Was part of the famous five who launched the persons case

8.5. Nellie had a successful novel called the, "Sowing Seeds in Danny"

8.6. Began to speak out for female suffrage in 1908

8.7. Elected to the legislature in 1921 and served for 8 years

8.8. Nellie was the first woman to be part of the CBC Board of governors in 1936.

9. Displays of Civic Resonsibility

9.1. formed the Political Equality League to improve women's working conditions

9.2. held a debate on whether women should have the right to vote

10. Pictures/Images