Forces and Pressure

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Forces and Pressure by Mind Map: Forces and Pressure

1. Magnetic force

1.1. Attract object made of iron/steel

1.1.1. Magnetic catch

1.1.2. Needle of compass

1.1.3. Magnetic Crane

2. Frictional force

2.1. Slows down and stops a moving object

2.2. Problems

2.2.1. Make movement more difficlt

2.2.2. Wears away materials

2.3. Ways of reducing friction

2.3.1. Oil moving parts so it makes movement easy

2.3.2. Use ball bearings

3. What is a force?

3.1. Push

3.2. Pull

4. What are the effects of forces?

4.1. change speed of moving object

4.2. change shape/size of object

4.3. Start/stop object moving

4.4. Change direction of moving object.

5. How can we measure a force?

5.1. SI unit= Newton(N)

5.2. Force-meter

5.3. Spring Balance

5.3.1. Extension

5.3.2. Compression

6. What are the important forces around us?

6.1. Gravitational force

6.1.1. Exits between any two objects

6.1.2. Forces that causes objects to be attracted to earth

6.1.3. Weight Gravitational force acting on an object Measured using spring balance in Newtons Greater force pulling on object=Greater weight Depends on location

6.1.4. Mass Amount of matter in a body Constant Measured using a beam balance