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My Personal Learning Network by Mind Map: My Personal Learning Network

1. Twitter

1.1. Been a member since May 2011

1.1.1. Use for personal use to follow friends and celebrities

1.1.2. Great way to communicate with others

1.1.3. Have more privacy setting than Facebook You can set it so that only your followers see your tweets Takes away some of the purposes but is also a great way to protect yourself.

1.2. Process of Setting up a Teacher Account

1.2.1. Allow me access to my students

1.2.2. Remind them of upcoming assignments

1.2.3. Answer questions pertaining to assignments

1.3. Twitter Logo ( / Jon Gosier ( / (

2. Facebook

2.1. Been a Member since 2004

2.1.1. I joined Facebook when it was only for college students!

2.2. I use it to keep in touch with people who I might not get to talk to on a regular basis

2.3. I only use my Facebook account for personal use

2.3.1. I am friends with 2 teachers I work and that is because we are friends outside of work!

2.3.2. Every since I was in undergrad, I have had Facebook security drilled into my brain. I am starting to embrace it more professionally

2.4. facebook logo ( / Marco Paköeningrat ( / CC BY-SA 2.0 (

3. Google Accounts

3.1. Gmail

3.1.1. Major Email. Use an primary email for all contact Very user friendly

3.2. GoogleReader

3.2.1. Subscribe to different blogs and stay current with current events.

3.3. GoogleDocs

3.3.1. Collaboration tool

3.3.2. Communicate with group members

3.3.3. Backup tool for major assignments

3.4. Google Chrome ( / Thomas van de Weerd ( / (

4. Classroom Webpage

4.1. Each Class is listed

4.1.1. Course Explanation

4.1.2. List assignments by dates

4.1.3. Link to Syllabus

4.2. Parents can subscribe and get updates when I update it

4.3. Parents can also contact me directly