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Keyboarding by Mind Map: Keyboarding

1. Objective 2: Increase speed, typing habits, form, and accuracy.

1.1. Facts about my speed and accuracy

1.1.1. Accuracy Start of Year: 50% End of Year: 98%

1.1.2. Speed Start of year WPM: 4 End of year WPM: 28

1.2. Form

1.2.1. Keying form must be good inorder to have good speed.

1.2.2. Fingers must lie on the home row.

1.3. Typing Habits

1.3.1. NO more hunt and Peck!

1.3.2. Must use correct reach to increase speed and improve typing habits.

2. Objective 1: Learn to perpare and construct many types of documents

2.1. Letter

2.1.1. Example Letter

2.1.2. When do I use a Letter? Writing to a friend Notify an employe about what time they should come to work.

2.1.3. Notes:

2.2. E-mail

2.2.1. Quickest way to communicate with organizations across the Earth

2.2.2. You need the persons contact e-mail in order to send an e-mail to them.

2.2.3. Notes:

2.3. Report

2.3.1. Example Report

2.3.2. When to write a report? Writing a school paper

2.3.3. Notes:

2.4. Memo

2.4.1. Example Memo

2.4.2. When to write a memo? Sending information to an employee in your organization.

2.4.3. Notes: