A Time to kill

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A Time to kill by Mind Map: A Time to kill

1. Ethel and her husband are attacked by the Klan.

1.1. She is a secretary of Jake

2. Carl Lee

2.1. Tonya's father

2.2. He shoots and kills them

2.3. The trial

2.3.1. First Jake’s case is falling apart and so is his confidence.

2.3.2. The jury find the defendant not guilty, by reason of insanity.

3. Tonya Hailey

3.1. She is raped by

3.1.1. Billy Ray Cobb

3.1.2. Pete Willard

4. Jake Brigance

4.1. He is an ambitious young lawyer

4.1.1. He agrees to defend Carl Lee

4.2. Carla Brigance

5. Carla Brigance

5.1. Jake Brigance

6. Ellen Roark

6.1. She is a law student, offers to be Jake’s law clerk for free.

7. Sheriff Ozzie Walls

7.1. The only black Sheriff in Mississippi

8. Harry Rex Vonner

8.1. He is a friend of Jake’s who will help him pick a good jury for Carl Lee’s trial

9. Ethel Twitty

10. Ku Klux Klan

10.1. It used terrorism, violence, and lynching to intimidate and persecute African Americans, Jews and other racial and religious minorities.

10.1.1. It puts a bomb on Jake’s house

11. Wanda Wornack

11.1. She is one of the jury members. He made the jury imagine the girl who had suffered.