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CPD Project To-Dos by Mind Map: CPD Project To-Dos

1. Educate the members on how to access the presos

2. Create PDF products for sale

2.1. Start with pilot 20 Mediasite e-Learning presentations

2.1.1. Design the Download docs using ACHSM graphics and colors

2.1.2. Create the MS-Word Mail merge documents from the downloaded Mediasite meta data

2.1.3. Mass convert the word docs to PDFs using Nitro

2.1.4. Upload the PDFs into the appropriate products

3. Create products in the YM store

3.1. What info do we need to create the products?

3.1.1. Product Active Yes

3.1.2. Inventory System No

3.1.3. Product Name Presentation Name

3.1.4. Product code "CPD" "Truncated Name"

3.1.5. GL Code/Item Name

3.1.6. Primary Category New node

3.1.7. Additional Category

3.1.8. Featured No

3.1.9. Type Standard Product

3.1.10. Allow Partial Payment No

3.1.11. Has Downloadable Attachement Yes

3.1.12. List In Store Yes

3.1.13. Product Group New node

3.1.14. Price Non-member 25 Member 10

3.1.15. Product Description

3.2. Create Categories

3.2.1. Primary Categories v. Alternative Categories Primary: Online CPD Alternates are based the values from the e-learning category. See the linked file.

3.3. Start with 20 of the most recent Mediasite e-learning presentations as tests

3.4. Continue with remaining 86 e-Learning Mediasite presentations

4. Setup a menu link or graphics on the new site to get to the store products

5. Create Member Types

5.1. Online CPD Member has been created to allow people to register and pay for content.