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Meiosis by Mind Map: Meiosis

1. Prophase 1

1.1. In prophase I of Meiosis I a cell grows and squooshes its chromatin like in mitosis but it also does "crossing over" where the chomosomes move next to each other and trade genes.

2. Metaphase 1

2.1. Then in metaphase the chromosomes line up down the middle in pairs instead of single, and the get ready to split.

3. Anaphase 1

3.1. But in meiosis the chromosomes dont split at the centromeres in anaphase I, they separate together into two diploid cells with telophase.

3.1.1. In this stage the number of chromosomes are reduced cause the one pair of chromosomes one goes into each cell.

4. Telophase 1

4.1. Cell splits into two new diploid cells.

5. Prophase 2

5.1. In prophase 2 the cell grows and the chromatin squooshe into chromosems and loose the nuclear membrane.

6. Metaphase 2

6.1. Then in metaphase the chromosomes line up down the middle of the cell ready for anaphase two.

7. Anaphase 2

7.1. In anaphase the chromosomes split at their centromeres and go to either end of the cell.

8. Telophase 2

8.1. In telophase the chromosomes unsquooshe and form four new nuclei and the cell membranes and cytoplasm pinch and split.