Singapore as a nation in the World

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Singapore as a nation in the World by Mind Map: Singapore as a nation in the World

1. 1. The Concept of Nation Understanding Governance

1.1. Understanding Governance

2. Challenges faced by Singapore as a newly independent state

2.1. Stable government and social needs

2.2. Economic Challenges

2.3. Preserving Sovereignty

2.4. Social cohesion and national identity

3. Functions of the state

3.1. Exexute policies and programmes for the citizens

3.2. Maintain sovereignty

3.3. Preserve stability and security

3.4. Nation-building

4. Why do I need to learn this theme?

5. 2. Challenges of a state: Conflict and Harmony in Multi-ethnic Societies

5.1. Sustaining Economic Development Managing International Relations Understanding Governance Facing Challenges and Change

6. What is a state

6.1. Formed when a group of people accept one another and see themselves as having something in common

7. What is a nation

7.1. System of government within an area of land. System of government develops and enforces laws to organize the country and the people living in it, regulated by a separate set of laws.