Environmentalism is not a lost cause in our consumerist world

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Environmentalism is not a lost cause in our consumerist world by Mind Map: Environmentalism is not a lost cause in our consumerist world

1. Numerous government policies support environmentalism showing that governments are still making an effective effort in preserving the environment despite their consumerist nature

2. Thus, it's not a lost cause

3. Government

3.1. For example, in singapore, the singapore green plan (SGP 2012) is Singapore's ten-year plan for achieving sustainable development. It describes the strategies and programmes that Singapore would adopt to maintain a quality living environment

3.1.1. In a bid to manage waste, •Increase the overall waste-recycling rate to 60% by 2012. •Extend the lifespan of Semakau Landfill to 50 years, strive towards "zero landfill" and "close the waste loop

3.1.2. Furthermore to conserve nature, the government aims to ,Establish more parks and green linkages. , Set up a National Biodiversity Reference Centre and to reserve 67% of singapores land surface for catchment areas.

3.1.3. Thus, the singapore governement is placing more focus on environmentalism in a consumerist society. To ensure consumerism does not take a negative toll on the Singapore Environment.

3.2. Through numerous goverment policies focused on environmentalism, it shows that there is hope for environmentalism in a consumerist world

3.3. everyone is happy :)

4. Individuals

4.1. Individuals' effort in conserving the environment in the consumerist world. Not all individuals are materialistic, some are genuinely concerned about our natural environment.

4.1.1. Individuals engage in recycling activities in their neighbourhood e.g participation in Clean and Green movements in Singapore

4.1.2. Singaporeans are contributing more to local environmental protection individually Bring Your Own Bag Day. -Singapore managed to save an estimated 100,000 plastic bags and sold about 20,000 reusable bags in 2007. "One shopper says she has some 10 reusable bags, and keeps one in her car at all times"

4.2. In a consumerist world, Individuals are generally concerned about personal gains. Therefore individuals will be motivated by incentives to conserve the environment.

5. corporations

5.1. green corporations

5.1.1. ikea 71% of all IKEA products are recyclable, made from recycled materials, or both. The company recycles 84% of the waste generated in its stores while almost half of Ikea's energy comes from renewable sources.

5.1.2. Pizza Fusion Employers wear organic cotton uniforms, delieveries are made by hybrid vehicles. You can get a discount on your next pizza if you return the pizza box

5.1.3. Honest tea efficient production to energy usage offsets, green building design to the lightweight plastic bottles free of hazardous chemicals

6. inter-governmental organizations

6.1. Many of the natural disaster taking place in the region is caused by the envinronment degradation

6.1.1. Thus, it is necessary for inter-governmental organizations to work together in handling this problem.

6.2. In the long run if nothing is done the impact would be highly detrimental

6.3. http://www.unep.org/newscentre/Default.aspx?DocumentID=2678&ArticleID=9109&l=en Check out da link! It talks about the importance of sustainable development , not simply development and economic growth.

6.3.1. Pacific Islands Face Severe Water Threat, Says New Report UNEP's main activities are related to [6]: climate change; including the Territorial Approach to Climate Change (TACC); disasters and conflicts; ecosystem management; environmental governance; harmful substances; and resource efficiency.

6.4. Due to the role of NGOs people's awareness of environmental degradation caused by consumerism has been significantly increasing in the past years.