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Environmentalism is not a lost cause in our consumerist world by Mind Map: Environmentalism is not a lost cause in our consumerist world
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Environmentalism is not a lost cause in our consumerist world

Numerous government policies support environmentalism showing that governments are still making an effective effort in preserving the environment despite their consumerist nature

Thus, it's not a lost cause


For example, in singapore, the singapore green plan (SGP 2012) is Singapore's ten-year plan for achieving sustainable development. It describes the strategies and programmes that Singapore would adopt to maintain a quality living environment

Through numerous goverment policies focused on environmentalism, it shows that there is hope for environmentalism in a consumerist world

everyone is happy :)


Individuals' effort in conserving the environment in the consumerist world. Not all individuals are materialistic, some are genuinely concerned about our natural environment.

In a consumerist world, Individuals are generally concerned about personal gains. Therefore individuals will be motivated by incentives to conserve the environment.


green corporations

inter-governmental organizations

Many of the natural disaster taking place in the region is caused by the envinronment degradation

In the long run if nothing is done the impact would be highly detrimental Check out da link! It talks about the importance of sustainable development , not simply development and economic growth.

Due to the role of NGOs people's awareness of environmental degradation caused by consumerism has been significantly increasing in the past years.