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Kings Of Rome by Mind Map: Kings Of Rome

1. Ancus Marcius 673 - 642 BC

1.1. Main Achievments

1.1.1. got chosen by people to be king

1.1.2. successful in wars against Latins

1.1.3. Expanded Romes lands

1.1.4. Made sure his two sons were looked after

1.2. Positive Qualities

1.2.1. Good Warrior

1.2.2. Religous

1.2.3. Caring

1.3. Negative Qualities

1.3.1. Caring

1.4. how realistic?

1.4.1. realistic as actions quite believable

1.5. what does it show about Romans?

1.5.1. religous

1.5.2. war-like

1.6. Livy's opinion of them

1.6.1. can't really tell

2. Lucius Tarquinius Priscus 616 - 579 BC

2.1. Main Achievments

2.1.1. had an omen to show he should be king eagle took off and put on his hat

2.1.2. Increased size of senate

2.1.3. Beat Latins in a war

2.1.4. Made Sabines surrender in a war

2.1.5. made peace with many people

2.2. Positive Qualities

2.2.1. Ambitious

2.3. Negative Qualities

2.3.1. Trickster

2.3.2. didn't listen to advice

2.4. How realistic?

2.4.1. Some aspects of his life and achievements are realistic, others are not. e.g. eagle omen

2.5. What does his story show about Romans?

2.5.1. Shows Romans were ambitious and warlike

2.6. Livys opinion of him

2.6.1. proud as was chosen to be king but wasn't doing good things during his rein

3. Servius Tullius 578 - 535 BC

3.1. Main Achievments

3.1.1. mother tricked Romans to make it as if his father named him successor

3.1.2. his head burst into flames and he survived

3.1.3. Successful in war against the Veii

3.1.4. Taxed people according to what they could afford

3.1.5. made peace with Latins

3.1.6. Extended Rome

3.2. Positive Qualities

3.2.1. magical

3.2.2. good leader

3.2.3. Clever

3.2.4. Organised

3.3. Negative Qualities

3.3.1. none

3.4. how realistic?

3.4.1. not realistic when they say his head went on fire

3.4.2. realistic when he did things like beat Sabines and taxed people according to what they could afford

3.5. What does it show about the Romans

3.5.1. shows their warlike nature and that they are good at fighting and winning wars

3.6. Livys opinion of him

3.6.1. Good as he was magical and did many good things

4. Lucius Tarquinius Superbus 535 - 510 BC

4.1. Main Achievments

4.1.1. married Servius Tullius' daughter

4.1.2. killed Servius Tullius the lking before him

4.1.3. founded many of Romes colonies which were the beginnings of Romes supremacy over the world

4.1.4. Built Capitoline Temple

4.1.5. built the Cloaca Maxima - the sewer which went into the river Tiber

4.1.6. earned his name through violent and arrogant acts

4.1.7. last of the kings of Rome

4.1.8. went into exile after his son raped a married noblewoman

4.2. Positive Qualities

4.2.1. none

4.3. Negative Qualities

4.3.1. arrogant

4.3.2. violent

4.3.3. cruel

4.4. How realistic?

4.4.1. quite as there is nothing overly unbelievable about him

4.5. What does story show about later Romans?

4.5.1. that they could be immoral

4.6. Livys opinion of him

4.6.1. whilst he reigned, it was a reign of terror, he killed many senators and was very cruel and violent but he did 'like; him a little

5. Romulus 743 - 716 BC

5.1. Main Achievments

5.1.1. Attacked Robbers and took stolen goods when young

5.1.2. killed evil King of Alba known as Amulius

5.1.3. Made own grandfather king

5.1.4. Won many battles

5.1.5. became a God

5.1.6. Worshipped Gods in Alban and Greek ways.

5.2. Positive Qualities

5.2.1. Violent

5.2.2. wanted Justice

5.2.3. Ruthless

5.2.4. Open Minded

5.2.5. Impressice

5.2.6. Religous

5.3. Negative Qualities

5.3.1. Sharing

5.4. How realistic as historical figure?

5.4.1. Not realistic when he went up into heavens as a God

5.4.2. Winning Battles and attacking robbers quite realistic from what we know of Romans

5.5. What does he show about Romans?

5.5.1. that you shouldn't mess with them

5.6. Livy opinion of him

5.6.1. didn't want him to look soft

5.6.2. found him great in most aspects

5.7. Quote

5.7.1. 'he was descended from a god' - Livy

5.7.2. 'Mars was his father' - Livy

5.7.3. 'Romulus could not risk a delay in a warso close by and was stirred into action' - Livy

5.7.4. 'Romulus the father of this city' - Livy

5.7.5. 'a God born from a God' - Livy

6. Numa Pompilius 715 - 674 BC

6.1. Main achievments

6.1.1. omens chose him to be king

6.1.2. prepared Temple of Janus

6.1.3. Pretended to meet Roman Goddess and tricked Romans

6.1.4. Neighbours didn't want to attack whilst he was leader - 41 years of peace

6.2. Positive Qualities

6.2.1. Fair

6.2.2. Religous

6.2.3. Serious

6.2.4. Harsh

6.2.5. Powerful

6.2.6. Clever

6.2.7. Manipulative

6.3. Negative Qualities

6.3.1. Manipulative

6.3.2. Controlling

6.3.3. Cynical

6.4. How realistic a histortical figure?

6.4.1. quite as didn't do anything too unbelievable

6.4.2. 41 years of peace isn't very realistic

6.5. What does he show about Romans?

6.5.1. Roman Religion tool for control

6.5.2. Romans could have skills in peace and war

6.6. Livy's opinion of King

6.6.1. he was great because of his character


6.7.1. "They all decided that they should ask Numa Pompilius to be king, because no-one dared to say that himself or any other tribe member, senator or citizen was better than Numa"; Livy.

7. Tullus Hostilius 673 - 642 BC

7.1. Main achievments

7.1.1. Got voted by people to be king

7.1.2. Led Rome to victory against Albans and Sabines

7.1.3. Made Jupiter angry

7.2. Positive Qualities

7.2.1. Warlike

7.3. Negative Qualities

7.3.1. Not religous

7.4. How realistic?

7.4.1. mainly realistic but not when palace gets struck by lightning

7.5. What does he show about Romans?

7.5.1. Shows Romans were warlike

7.5.2. shows Romans as only turning to Religion in times of trouble

7.6. Livy's view of him

7.6.1. dissproved of the fact that he wasn't religous


7.7.1. "fought so brilliantly at the foot of the Citadel against the Sabines" - Livy