'The Third Level' Characters

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'The Third Level' Characters by Mind Map: 'The Third Level' Characters

1. Charley

1.1. Protagonist of the story

1.2. Has an escapist personality

1.3. Is a philatelist, i.e, collects stamps as a hobby. This is considered by his friends as a 'temporary refuge from reality'.

1.4. Leads a quite ordinary life, using his fantasies and philately as an escape from the modern world and all its worries

1.5. Yearns to lead a peaceful life in a world without worries, fear and war

1.6. Has an active imagination; uses his imagination as an escape from the real world

2. Louisa

2.1. Charley's wife; is very loving and caring

2.2. Refuses to believe that Charley is unhappy; takes this as a personal attack and gets mad

2.3. Is concerned for her husband; gets alarmed when he tells her about the third level and when he exchanges new currency for the old one

2.4. Worries for Charley and tells him to stop looking for the third level

2.5. When told about Sam's disappearance, helps Charley in looking for the third level

3. Sam

3.1. Charley's friend; is a psychiatrist by profession

3.2. thinks realistically; Doesn't believe Charley when he tells him about the third level

3.3. Deep down he too is tired from the modern world and all of its insecurities, as he also believes in the existence of the third level.

3.4. Finally finds the third level; decides to settle down in Galesburg, Illinois in the year 1894