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To-Dos by Mind Map: To-Dos

1. Week 1


1.1.1. Send out emails about Blue Green Designation / Open Courses Up / Make a Welcome Letter

1.1.2. Your ACUE course begins tomorrow Monday, August 17th at 10 a.m. The Zoom link is here: Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting We will record and post the meeting for those who are unable to attend.

2. Done

2.1. course merge

2.2. Do TrainTraqs

2.3. purchase face shields

2.4. set up weekly schedule for classes

2.5. fill out paper work for CFE

2.5.1. 15 Folder for Each Week Using dates Welcome Letter Friday Dinner with Mom and Sis Plan-- tomato soup and fish Call Liz for an invite

2.6. syllabi for POLS Seminar

2.7. Plan for leaving to Austin for Ella

3. In Progress

3.1. Use indicators to show detailed progress

3.2. build power point for 1st wave -- need feedback from Charlene and Joenie

3.3. Build Blackboard Shells for POLS & Nursing

3.4. First Wave Welcome ONLINE

3.4.1. finish powerpoint

3.4.2. get input from team

4. Open

4.1. Create your A&P Syllabus

4.2. Write letter for First Wave --See Template

4.3. ACUE Course Starts on Monday!!!

4.4. Build Week 1

4.4.1. Learning goals and objectives

4.4.2. Assignments

4.5. Build Week 2

4.6. Build Week 3