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Living in the Future by Mind Map: Living in the Future
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Living in the Future

You see, the future is already here, it's just not well distributed yet - William Gibson. A keynote presentation from Helen Baxter given at the Loop Project Day for the Greater Wellington Principals Schools Association of New Zealand in 2007.

Published by Helen Baxter, Mohawk Media, NZ under a Creative Commons, Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike (BY-NC-SA) License. You can share, remix and republish this work for non commercial use, as long as you give attribution and publish using the same CC license.

What's all this 2.0?

Co-operation v Competition

Business Clusters to avoid Dis-Economies of scale

Collaboration v Control

Hierarchies DOWN. Grassroots UP.

Clicks v Mortar

No longer need huge start up budgets

Webtop v Desktop

Online v Offline. Software as a Service (SAAS)

Copyright v Coplyleft

Some Rights Reserved

Blogs, Pods, Vlogs, Tagging


Generation Y

Renaissance 2.0

Helen Baxter

Managing Directrix of Mohawk Media. DJ / VJ & Futurist. Shares Virtual World slot on Radio NZ. Columnist for the Big  Idea. Editor of 2001 - 2003. Launched first e-Commerce website in 1994. 

Challenging and Exciting Time!

Life-long Learning - Students and Educators

Two-way exchange across generations

Need to learn the Joy of Learning

A Flexible Attitude is key

Entering Renaissance 2.0

Work 2.0

Knowledge Traders

Web Top Workers

International Teams


Manage the work - not the workers

Old v New Career Paths

Accountants need to become Strategists. Teachers  - Facilitators.

Robot Surgeons

Robot surgeon - Da Vinci

Projects v Jobs

Skills v Careers

Media / IT Short-term Contracts Common - even BBC

Requires new attitudes

More work/life balance

Learning 2.0

Life-long, flexible, adaptable

Gap Careers not Years

More Montessori Styles and Practices

Core foundations for all

Develop Individual Skills around Interests

Schools of Ambition

1. Developing the leadership potential and capacity of the whole school, Staff and Pupils 2. Introducing Vocational Courses to the curriculum 3. Removing the age and stage restrictions from the certificated courses. 4. Developing the use of ICT to support the curriculum

Centres for Academic Excellence

Mixed Ages Cross Disciplanary Wi-Fi Collaberative Projects Flexible study spaces

Online Learning Resources

MIT Online Courses

New Interfaces - Wii Physics

Second Life Academies

Virtual Rome

Skills 2.0

Avoiding Future shock

Learning over Earning


Importance of Games

Need Shared Terms of Reference

Telescoping nature of evolutionary paradigm


Knowledge Trading

Social networks

Brand of One

Self publishing

Open Source Software


5 - 10 years

Multiple Careers


Fab Labs and Desktop Printers


The Web is Us/ing Us

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