Culture & Society

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Culture & Society by Mind Map: Culture & Society

1. Property & Trade

1.1. To Native Americans = ceremonial & showed high status to give things away

1.1.1. Native Americans thought the Europeans were selfish

1.2. To Europeans = business and more wealth meant high status

1.2.1. Europeans thought the Native Americans were strange

2. Religion

2.1. Native Americans believed one creator; rewarded or hurt based on how they took care of the land

2.1.1. adopted aspects of the Christian religion to get what the Native Americans wanted

2.2. Europeans believed in one creator; but they only accepted "Exclusive" acceptance

2.2.1. Willing to trade with Native Americans to get them converted

3. Gender Roles

3.1. Women were treated more equal in Native American societies; farmed while men were away; matrilineal

3.1.1. gender roles seemed "flipped" to Europeans; seemed "uncivilized"

3.2. Women were treated as less equal then men and only supposed to tend to the house in European societies

3.2.1. Native Americans thought the Europeans were unskilled

4. Land

4.1. Native Americans believed most land was communal

4.1.1. This led to confusion when Native Americans continued to use land the Europeans believed belonged to them.

4.2. Europeans believed land was owned individually