p2 government departments

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p2 government departments by Mind Map: p2 government departments

1. thresa may. is the home secretary who is in charge of the police force,border force and counter terorisom.she is the first woman to become a home secretary

1.1. Nick Herbert MP under secretary of state for the police, in charge of the day to day disisions of the way the police is run. answers to the home secretary

1.1.1. police. the police are a law enforcment agency whos job it is to protect the british public they are given laws by the MP's witch they then enforce. they anwser to nick herbert MP and the home secretary thresa may west yorkshire police authority. the police authority is a direct link between the councle and the police , this is used to inprove comunity policing and find out what the residants of the aria whant from the police force her majestys inspector of constabulary does things like inspect the police , make sure they are training the officers correctly , they are like ofsted for the police independent police complaints commision , the recive complaints from the public and investigate them , they try stop things like discrimination and racism with in the police

1.2. damian green MP undersecretary of state for the border force,in charge of the day to day runnning and desisions of the border force. anwsers to the home secretary

1.2.1. the uk border agency. the border force are the agency that protect british land from illegal imigrants and over stayers , they deport people and stop people entering the uk.

2. prime minister. the PM is head of the public service and leader of the party that is in charge or in this case the coalition,he decides who is in the cabinet and has the overall say when it comes to public service

2.1. secretary of state for comunitys and local goverment. eric pickles. he is the man incharge of the fire service part of the public service.

2.1.1. fire and rescue service bob neill MP he is incharge of the day to day running of the fire service , he awnsers to the secretary of state. fire and rescue service, the fire service are a service that assists people in accidents and fires, they are set targets by the MPs witch they have to meet monthly. north yorkshire fire authourty is a direct link between the councle , this is to make sure the local people are happy with the service.