Family Bonding

Mind Mapping On Family Bonding

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Family Bonding by Mind Map: Family Bonding

1. Do Chores as a Family

1.1. Doing chores together also can foster a sense of teamwork, especially if someone gets done early and is willing to help another family member complete their tasks. To make doing chores more rewarding, plan a small reward for when the work is done like getting ice cream together, watching a movie, or playing a board game.

2. Have Family Meetings

2.1. Family meetings also can be used to set family goals. Start each of these meetings by reading your family mission statement. If you have a large family, begin by asking if anyone has an issue or an item for the agenda. Write down what everyone wants to talk about and go through them one-by-one.

3. Encourage Support

3.1. Encourage everyone to learn what things are important to their family members and to do their best to support each other through the good and the bad times. Everyone in the family should feel empowered to share their good news as well as share their bad news

4. Get Involved in Your Child's Interests

4.1. Strong families support their family members' passions. Whether it involves attending their soccer games, reading a book series they love, or helping them collect Marvel figurines, it is important that you support your child's interests.

5. Go on a Picnic

5.1. Take the family on a traditional picnic with all the trimmings. Let everyone pack one of their favorite foods. While picnics are common in the summer, you may want to plan a winter picnic for something new and different!

6. Create a Family Tree

6.1. Begin a family tree based on the information we have on hand. Ask the older kids to do some online research about the family history or write to long-lost relatives to fill in the branches of the tree. Discuss the geographic and ethnic origins of the family and how they have influenced present day practices, beliefs and celebrations.

7. Take A Walk

7.1. Getting outside and enjoying the fresh air can be a great stress reliever as well as a fun way to get everyone together to talk and enjoy the scenery. I can take a walk around our neighborhood or go to a local park or hiking trail.

8. While family time is an important part of everyday life, there also is a need for some downtime, too. The reality is that I will be a better parent when I take care of myself. I will take a break and read a chapter in a book, go to the parlor and spend time with friends. The key is that I need to do something I enjoy, even if only for a few minutes.

9. Schedule Family Time

9.1. Setting aside time for family. Look at everyone’s schedule to see if there are any blocks of time that can be designated family time. Try to select a regular night, maybe once a week, when the entire family gets together for a fun activity.

10. Eat Meals Together

10.1. If I am unable to get together for dinner as a family because of busy schedules, I will try breakfast. The key is that I must come together and enjoy a meal free of distractions with my family.

11. Schedule Some Downtime

12. Movie Night

12.1. Have a weekly family movie night at home. I can have a Netflix or rent a movie or choose one from our home collection. Ask each family members what movie they would like to see and give each person a chance to choose one of our favorites. To complement our movie night,i will serve popcorn and candy to make it feel as if we are at the movies.

13. Play Games

13.1. Board games can bring tons of laughter and fun to our family bonding time. Some board games to consider playing are Monopoly, Ludo and Trivia Pursuit. Create a family game collection and take turns picking out a game to play. Games that can played on the Wii or Play Station are other options to consider. Also consider going outdoors and playing a game such as basketball or catch. Exercise can be a part of family fun and offers everyone benefits.

14. Watch a Sunset

14.1. If our kids are older, planning a walk at sunset is a fun way to spend time together. If possible, choose an elevated location from which we can see the sun's descent, or for the ultimate sunset experience, opt for a Cox's Bazaar beach.

15. Read Together

15.1. Pick a book that everyone is interested in. Books such as Harry Potter, Twilight or a special holiday story are all great choices. Have each person take turns reading aloud, then discuss the book after it is over.