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Music by Mind Map: Music

1. Folk

1.1. Western Art

1.1.1. Religious Hymns African Spiritual Gregorian Chant Christian Music Contemporary Christian Music

1.1.2. Secular Classical Musicals Electronic Avant-Garde

1.2. Celtic

1.2.1. Military Band Maritime HonkyTonk

1.2.2. Irish Sing-a-long Vocal Harmony Oi Punk

1.3. African

1.3.1. Work Song Blues Boogie Woogie Ragtime Jazz Gospel Doo-Wop

1.4. Latin

1.4.1. Mariachi Band

1.4.2. Mambo Boogaloo Salsa

1.4.3. Afro Cuban Calypso Bluebeat Reggae Dub Reggaeton Bachata Merengue

1.5. Asian

1.5.1. Hindustani Bhangra Bhangragga Soca Bangla