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SWOT by Mind Map: SWOT

1. Opportunities

1.1. Student enrolment improves and customer base wider. Higher rate of exam success.

1.2. More promotion for school, build on reputation and increase the beneficial aspects of dance.

1.3. Dance is becoming more popular and should be made more available to those who can't afford it and to those who also have learning difficulties.

1.4. Hip Hop definitely increasing trend in both girls and boys.

2. Weaknesses

2.1. Room for improvement by finding suitable dance space as some venues out with city centre are very small halls.

2.2. Lack of parking although city centre base is accessible the parking is a problem and sometimes this is so for the venues out with the centre.

2.3. Not involvement in any community projects could improve connection with schools and local centres

3. Threats

3.1. Lack of funding for such a project.

4. Strengths

4.1. Good at providing professional and differential training for all ages, genders, cultures and abilities.

4.2. Doing well competitively as school is well known and provides thorough training in RAD & ISTD and contemporary techniques.

4.2.1. New node

4.3. Resources are main base of studios with many other outlets

4.4. Advantages are city centre main base is accessible, expanding with studios outwith centre more classes available and further training can be providing in all levels but also in SQA qualifications with is the Scottish Education Curriculum.

4.5. Wide, loyal and good customer base already established. School has excellent reputation.