What is Technology?

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What is Technology? by Mind Map: What is Technology?

1. Uses of smart devices and different types of inventions of science are all related to technology.

1.1. Mobile phone

1.2. Cars

1.3. Fridge and TV

2. References

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3. What did I think about technology........

4. As a teacher, Charles Tuck (2019), thinks the best opportunity of technology is largely used to resolve the problems. From pencil to the printing press all are the parts of the technology. We use technology in our classrooms. (Carles 2019)

5. Maskus (2004),described technology is the learning required to achieve specific productions by the combination of bits of knowledge or data. (Maskus 2004)

6. According to Karatus (1990), technology has to create things that make human life easier or fulfils our needs. (Karatsu, 1990)

7. New Definition (what I learned from course material)

8. What I think Technology is now.

8.1. According to Teich (1977), technology is the organization of the knowledge which we use in our practical life. Technology contains intellectual tools with scientific and mathematical procedures.(Teich ,1977)

9. What has changed

9.1. Technology has evolved our lives by adding technical tools and multi-functional devices. The American sociologist Veblen (around 1900) defined the concept of technology as social evolution. He also gave the credit of industrial art to technology. Technology not only made our lives easier but also created tremendous development in businesses and industries.

10. Conclusion

10.1. Nevertheless, technology is a vast knowledge. We cannot define all parts and branches of this term. We are not the first generation to enjoy the technological advantages in our daily lives. In short, Technology improved industrial and social behaviours. It also developed educational and medical researches.

10.1.1. As Kevin kelly (Feb 22, 2010), mentioned in his speech that the word technology was not common before 1952. But it does not mean that we did not have technology around us at that time.