Anti-Government protests in Thailand

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Anti-Government protests in Thailand by Mind Map: Anti-Government protests in Thailand

1. What are the protestors demanding ?

1.1. Fresh elections

1.2. Drafting of a new constitution

1.3. Increase Civil Rights and freedom

1.4. Outster of PM Prayut Chan-o-Cha's Government

1.5. reform of country's political system

1.6. reform of monarchy

2. Why the protests?

2.1. Political Coup of 2014

2.1.1. Prayut Chan-o-Cha's gained political control Affect In 6 years military control over the country increased Civil Rights curbed Economic hardships for ordinary citizens Critics silenced

2.2. Dissolution of Future Forward Party

2.2.1. By Thailand's Constitutional Court

2.2.2. why? Court believed that the party has violated electoral rules By receiving an illegal loan charges to overthrow monarchy

2.2.3. Future Forward Party formed in 2018 Goal to restrain military powers restrain military's interference in political matters tackle social and economic inequality

2.2.4. Leaders banned from politics for 10 years

2.2.5. Affect Increase mistrust against the Government

2.3. Why the protests against monarchy?

2.3.1. Strict laws crimes and offences against monarchy punishable by law person criticizing monarchy subject to can be misused by government and monarchy to silence critics and political opponents

2.3.2. Considerable interference on political system