Reflective Teaching

Plan your lessons and the goals of your lessons as well as including important content

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Reflective Teaching by Mind Map: Reflective Teaching

1. holistic way of responding to problems

2. Shon

2.1. reflection on action

2.1.1. planning our lesson, and reflecting on it afterwards.

2.2. reflection in action

2.2.1. "If students are not engaged in lesson, I need to re-evaluate and change it." Being able to think on your feet, so to speak.

2.3. reframing: are the students the problem and need a discipline plan, or do I as the teacher need to structure the reading block differently in order for successful learning to occur?

3. Handal and Lauvas/ P1, P2, P3

3.1. experience

3.2. knowledge

3.3. values

4. Questions for teachers

4.1. Who plays active role in creating and critiquing curriculum?

4.2. Can you see classroom problems from different angles?

4.3. How do teachers demonstrate leadership in the school, not just in the classroom?

4.4. How do you become a reflective practitioner?

5. John Dewey

5.1. routine action

5.2. reflective action

5.2.1. openmindedness, responsibility, and wholeheartedness intuition, emotion, and passion

5.3. Puzzles of Practice

5.3.1. New node

6. Fenstermacher (External Knowledge as rules for practice)

6.1. denies teachers a portion of their freedom to act and think independently