PLE about my thinking process in ICT

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PLE about my thinking process in ICT by Mind Map: PLE about my thinking process in ICT

1. Reading

1.1. In class.

1.1.1. Listening Linda´s explanations and taking notes Theorical classes Practical classes

1.1.2. Listening Linda´s tasks that she ask us Theorical classes Practical classes

1.1.3. Listening Classmates´ opinions and explanations

1.2. At home

1.2.1. Reading in Sakai the tasks

1.2.2. Looking for and Reading information from internet to post in: Twitter (Twits about educations) Tmblr expecific´s concets

1.2.3. Reading my classmates´ blogs

1.2.4. Reading the stories from Bazar de los locos Madhouse of ideas

1.2.5. Reading interesting things about people that we follow in twitter

1.2.6. Reading emayls by my group`s classmates

1.2.7. Waching my classmates´s flickr

1.2.8. Reading surveys,G docs documents.

1.2.9. Exploring new twits

1.2.10. Looking information about creative common license

2. Reflecting

2.1. At home

2.1.1. Looking information from the internet

2.1.2. Choosing the best creative common license and how put it

2.1.3. Choosing the best post: Madhouse of ideas Bazar de los locos

2.1.4. Exploring new twitters about educative

2.1.5. Doing posts

2.1.6. Reflecting about interesting things to twit

2.1.7. Taking photos to upload in flickr

2.1.8. Reflecting to 10 things about me

2.1.9. Doing my Personal Learning envioroment

2.1.10. surveys Reflecting and doing my survey about Pechakucha Doing others surveys

2.1.11. Learning how use Flickr Tumblr Twitter Mind meister

2.2. In class

2.2.1. Reflecting about Lindas`s explanation her powerpoints

2.2.2. Taking notes

2.2.3. begining to use some social medias

2.2.4. Nuevo nodo

3. Sharing

3.1. In class

3.1.1. when we put in common ours PLE

3.2. At home

3.2.1. Posting in : Tumbler Flickr twiter