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Hindu Art by Mind Map: Hindu Art

1. Painting

1.1. blue it was meant holy.

1.2. New node

2. Temples

2.1. Many temples had sculpture and paintings of three Gods: Shiva, Brama, And Vishnu.

2.2. Dedicated to Moksha ( Spiritual Salvation)

2.2.1. However it wasnt uncommon to find sculptures around the temples of the other three goals of life.

3. Architecture

3.1. Homes

3.1.1. were two stories high

3.1.2. Made of brick

3.1.3. Flat roofs

3.2. Temples

3.2.1. Conisted of a; Inner Sanctum, the womb chamber, congregation hall, a porch,

4. Jewelry

4.1. Beads were made out of clay and glass

4.2. Wore earrings, Necklaces

5. Weaving

6. Metal work

7. Pottery

7.1. Toys

7.2. cooking supply, utensils, vases, pots, etc.

8. Bibliogrpahy

9. Sculpture

9.1. The first known sculptures are from the Indus Valley civilization (3300–1700 BC)

9.2. Bronze, and Stone Materials

9.3. Not until about the 1st century did their sculptures depict realistic images.

9.3.1. Buddah was in human form until this time.

9.4. Dolls were made out of wood, and then painted to give a rich effect

10. Symbols

10.1. Sex (sculptures)

10.1.1. These symbols were mainly part of nature worship. the sex sculptures are all seen outside the Hindu temple along with other sculptures depicting materialistic way of life.

10.1.2. To invite people into family and sex life these sculptures were created.

10.1.3. Kama (materialistic living which includes sex) is one among the four paths suggested in Hinduism to merge with Brahman or to escape from rebirth (Moksha). Many scholars think these sculptures were meant to explain the ‘Kama’ aspect to people.

10.1.4. Kamaustra Temple

10.2. Eveyone should aim for dharma, artha, Kama, Moksha. All of this was conveyed in art.

10.3. tiger=national animal, Pee Cock= National Bird, cow, elephants,

11. Apperance

11.1. Women wore lipstick

11.2. Wore a lot of jewelry

11.3. Third eye