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Internet Safety by Mind Map: Internet Safety
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Internet Safety

Mobile Phones

Reply to people you know

Delete the messages that upset you

Online Meeting

Always delete SPAM messages

Dont give Personal Info. Details

Make sure you know who your messaging

Delete the messages that ask you for name and pics

Think about behaviour while texting

Think about when it safe 2 talk or text


Getting Bullied?

Delete messages from people you dont know

Dont upset people

Avoid spam messages

Always check for virus

Reply to people you know

Think B4 sending any Details

Know when it safe to reply

Look at the email adress if you dont know who it is

Chat Room

Dont meet strangers in person

Capital letters means SHOUTING

Go to age appropriate sites

Allowed to talk strangers online

Can pretend to be someone else

Can tell General Info.

Dont tell Personal Info.

Instant Messanging

Tell an adult if you are bullied

If a message upsets you

Dont tell personal info.

Show that you are offline

Only give out email to

Always know who your talking to

Online Searching

Some sites aren't real

Go to age appropriate sites

Have a friendly search engine

Nerver click on advertisments

Think about where info. comes from

You need to have search engine

Things online are not always true

Online Forum

Don't use your own name

Think about what info your saying

Someone might be telling lies

Dont give personal info.

Sometimes you dont have to believe everything

Always know who your talking too

Always read info. carefully

Look at a variety of sites for research