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Internet Safety by Mind Map: Internet Safety
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Internet Safety

Mobile Phone

Don't reply to people you don't know

If you find spam delete it

Reply to people you know

Delete messages that upset you

Tell an adult

Ask parents/adult for advice

Don't send pics of you to people you dont know

Street name in it

School Uniform

Online Mettings

Ask parents before you go

E mail

If you get bullied tell an adult or your parents

Delete messages from people you don't know

If u get spams delete straight away

Don't upset people

Always check for virus'

Chat Rooms

Can tell general info

Don't tell personal info

Allowed to talk to strangers online

Capital letters mean SHOUTING

Can pretend to be someone else

Don't meet strangers in person

Tell parents

Too dangerous

Online Searching

Some sites aren't real

Have a friendly search engine

Go to age appropriate sites

Never click on advertisements

That show you to buy something

Ask adult/parents before you click

Never copy writing from someone elses site.

Copy into own words

Instant Messaging

Tell an adult if you're being bullied

Always know who you are talking to

If a message upsets you

Tell an adult

Tell a guardian

Tell a parent

Tell teacher

Don't tell personal info

To anyone

Online Forum

Don't use real name

Use a nickname

Think about the info you're writing

About yourself

What some one says might not be true

Look for the number in address book

So you won't write to the wrong person

ALWAYS be polite

Don't say rude things

Sometimes don't belive eveything

That people say

That people post on bulletin-boards