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TPACK by Mind Map: TPACK

1. Reflect-Do

1.1. Individually

1.1.1. Writing an oral presentation

1.2. In Group

1.2.1. Reflect of each one point of view afer reading Talking Writing

1.2.2. Put in common the presentation

1.2.3. Do the poster

2. Read

2.1. From class

2.1.1. Listen to the lecturer

2.1.2. Take notes

2.1.3. Organize and write them in word .

2.2. From Google

2.2.1. . Ssearch for ideas to mind mapping Watch pictures of mind maps Search info about speed dating format Read info (scanning) Watch videos (partially)

2.3. In SAKAI

2.3.1. . Read the texts provided by the lecturer Highlight important words Make a summary

3. Share

3.1. Blog

3.1.1. . Write about the activity Upload the poster

3.2. Oral presentation

3.2.1. Based on summary

3.3. Email

3.3.1. . Send and suggest ideas Sending oral presentation