Nature/Features of Management

Nature of Management

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Nature/Features of Management by Mind Map: Nature/Features of Management

1. Purposeful/Goal-orientated process

1.1. MBO-Peter Drucker in his 1954 book The Practice of Management.

2. Group Efforts-Activity

3. Process of getting things done by others

3.1. HRs used to achieve desired obj. of Org.

4. Universal-Applied in all types of Org.

4.1. needed at all levels-TOP to BOTTOM

5. Art as well as science

5.1. Old ART

5.2. Social SCIENCE

5.3. Social SCIENCE

6. Social Process

6.1. Responsible for effective & Economic planning & regulation of operations

7. A resource

7.1. Management MOVER & development CONSEQUENCE-P.F. Drucker

8. Intangible/Invisible

8.1. Felt by RESULTS-Invisible Process of objectives fulfillment

9. System/Process of delegation of authority

9.1. System of Authority-Media of implementation of the Rules

9.2. Lower levels follow directions of Top level

10. Dynamic social science

10.1. Changes with the change in society

10.2. Consists of Planning, Organizing, staffing, Directing, coordinating, motivating & controlling

11. Multi-disciplinary facets

11.1. Admixture of different Knowledges

11.2. Psychology, sociology, economics, ecology, statistics, etc.

12. Relative principles-not absolute

12.1. determined & applied on the basis of

12.2. Place, Time & Socio-Cultural Factors

13. has professional traits

14. provides ways to for development of SKILLS

14.1. Training & Development leads to

14.2. increases efficiency & productivity of employees

15. continuous process

16. combination of different elements/factors

16.1. Man, Materials, Markets, Method, Machinery, Money, Motivation, etc

16.2. Co-ordinate them properly-Attain MAXIMUM RESULTS with MINIMUM EFFORTS

17. means of HRD

17.1. improve working environment

17.2. stimulate workers to do better things

17.3. satisfy employees needs

17.4. provide favorable actions

18. Supreme in thought & action

18.1. Plans-ACTIONS

18.2. Organizes & implements-ACTIONS

18.3. Co-ordinates & Controls-ACTIONS