Develop an agriculture that improves the quality of the soil

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Develop an agriculture that improves the quality of the soil by Mind Map: Develop an agriculture that improves the quality of the soil

1. Source 4

1.1. Key words: Sustainable agriculture

1.2. Cinema

1.2.1. The Biggest Little Farm, John Chester, 2018 This film tells the story of a couple who decided to buy an abandoned farm in California. This couple named their new home "Apricot Lane Farms" and managed to develop a simple farm that was totally responsible for the flora and fauna (the outside environment). This explains all the processes and the establishment of a respectful farm.

2. Source 5

2.1. Key words: Permaculture

2.2. Learning Hub Emlyon

2.2.1. Permaculture: Guérir la terre, nourrir les hommes, Hervé-Gruyer Charles (2015) The principle of permaculture is to take nature as a model and to design human installations that function as productive and resource-efficient ecosystems. The farm presented throughout the collection is designed according to the concepts of permaculture, an approach that is still little known in France. Permaculture could be described as a smart toolbox for creating lifestyles that respect both the Earth and its inhabitants.

3. Source 6

3.1. Key words: Regenerative agriculture

3.2. Movie on Netflix

3.2.1. KiISS THE GROUND, The solution is right under our feet, by Woody Harrelson (September 22, 2020) Regenerative agriculture is a philosophy of agricultural production strongly influenced by permaculture. Its main goals are to regenerate soils, increase biodiversity, sequestration of atmospheric carbon by the soil, and resilience of soils to climate fluctuations. The documentary film "Kiss the Ground" brings together scientists, activists and people from all walks of life who show the interest of regenerative agriculture in the fight for environmental protection and malnutrition.

4. Source 9

4.1. Key words : Hunger & argiculture

4.2. Google

4.2.1. Hunger is an Agriculture Issue. The alliance to end hunger (April, 2019) Famine is closely linked to present day agriculture. Indeed, ironically, poor people living in remote areas are often small farmers where their work is not enough to FEED their own families.In addition, it is also in countries where food insecurity exists that population growth will increase. There is therefore a new challenge to agriculture, to feed the entire population using a sustainable way in order to preserve the environment.

5. All my research has led me to the conclusions that, nowadays, it's necessary to turn to respectful agriculture in order to protect the environment in which we live but also to make food accessible to all.


7. Source 1

7.1. Key words: Quality of soil

7.2. Google

7.2.1. Soil and Water Quality: An agenda for Agriculture (1993).The National Academies. Advisers to the Nation on Science, Enginnering and Medecine. (Chapter 2: Opportunities to improve soil and water quality) This research book explains the main functions of soils. Soil allows plants to grow, controls and regulates water in the environment and finally weakens environmental changes. These functions are essential, which is why soil quality is very important. It increases agricultural productivity, water quality and the global climate.

8. Source 2

8.1. Key words: Responsible agriculture

8.2. Youtube

8.2.1. Support to Responsible Agricultural Investments Project in Ethiopia (February 11, 2020), GIZ The responsible agriculture project in Ethiopia aims to improve the current situation and the relationship to food in the country. This agriculture takes into account the natural resources of local communities, improves food security and reduces the environmental impact of agriculture on the environmental area.

9. Source 3

9.1. Key words: Food insecurity

9.2. Youtube

9.2.1. How to feed the world directed by Denis van Waerebeke (2010) It is a short film that summarizes and explains the problem of food insecurity. This short 9-minute film develops the injustices in the face of food and how a globalized world has influenced malnutrition in some of the world's poor countries.

10. Source 7

10.1. Key words: Farmer issues

10.2. Song on Youtube

10.2.1. Lilian Renaud, Quoi de plus beau (Ocotber 11, 2019) Besides the obvious need for sustainable and responsible agriculture, there is also a real problem for farmers who work and cannot make ends meet. The song "Quoi de plus beau" by Lilian Renaud highlights the condition of the farmers who feed us and without whom sustainable agriculture is impossible.

11. Source 8

11.1. Key words: Agriculture and farmers

11.2. LinkedIn

11.2.1. Loading soil with biochar allows farmers to cut way back on irrigation by Emma Bryce (October 23,2020) This article highlights biochar (charcoal). Through the latter, they describe all the advantages of using such a Biochar. There would be multiples like: - sequester carbon in the soil -reduce the need for fertilizer - reduce the need for irrigation (40% according to a study) This system would be beneficial in every way and would allow the farmers huge savings as well as reduce the threat of drought in some areas thanks to this material.

12. Source 10

12.1. Key words : Soil management

12.2. Google

12.2.1. Sustainable Crop Production, edited by Mirza Hasanuzzaman. Chapter :Soil Management in Sustainable Agriculture by Koç Mehmet Tuğrul (July 1st, 2019) This chapter highlights the big question of tomorrow. How to compensate for responsible food at the same time as the rapid increase in the world population. This is the inevitable challenge that must be implemented in order to preserve the environment and meet growing needs.