Fall 2020 3440:001--Cohort 2 Week 8: DNA, Gene-Editing, & CRISPR

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Fall 2020 3440:001--Cohort 2 Week 8: DNA, Gene-Editing, & CRISPR by Mind Map: Fall 2020 3440:001--Cohort 2 Week 8: DNA, Gene-Editing, & CRISPR

1. Eugenics

1.1. Treating people like they are animals and not human beings (cognitive sense/not ethical sense).

1.2. People don't know about eugenics

1.2.1. We do not necessarily talk about it, within the United States, we don't talk about it, but the levels at which eugenics was enacted was really similar for the Nazis and the U.S.

1.2.2. The winner of the war makes the history, therefore we talk about the good parts and don't necessarily talk about the bad parts.

1.2.3. Power of the media (e.g., there beheadings that go on in Mexico than in the Middle East, however, the news coverage of the issue in Mexico is not publicized.

1.3. Started in the UK not in the US, but the US started carrying it out.

1.4. Emotions with the past

1.4.1. fear

1.4.2. anger

1.4.3. disappointment

1.4.4. disgust

1.4.5. shock

1.4.6. sadness

1.4.7. inhumane

1.4.8. exciting

1.5. Eugenics in 2020

1.5.1. It happens, but this time we heard about it

1.5.2. You can't judge an organization by one person Yes, you can, because it happened within the organization of the federal government (ICE Dentation Centers), thus we do not know what other parts of the organization are acting and/or enacting the same practices

1.6. Planned Parenthood example from the founding person.

2. DNA and Gene-Editing

2.1. How do DNA and Gene-Editing Compare and Contrast with Eugenics?

2.1.1. COMPARE

2.1.2. CONSTRAST DNA and Gene-Editing you can make sure that things are not passed down. A difference between doing it yourself, whereas eugenics is done through sex.

2.1.3. The means are different, but the ends are the same.

2.1.4. POWER Who has power--if everyone has the opportunity to gene-editing then awesome, but if it is forced upon people it can be really bad Good or bad, threw sex, if you are passing down a gene then you are doing a great thing because folks do not want disabilities, etc. Looking at the past, you were not trying to help the people, but you were trying to help themselves. It depends on the way you look at it, it depends who has the power. If it accessible to folks that have the cultural capital to have designer babies then you create a wider divide within the social class system. People in the upper class would have more advantages and people in the working class would have more disadvantages.

2.1.5. Gattaca (movie)--gene-editing, not having the advanced abilities, how he goes around the system to go to space.