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Data Migration by Mind Map: Data
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Data Migration

Block Level


Volume Managers, Symantec VxVM (Multiplatform), HP LVM (HPUX), IBM LVM (AIX)

Dedicated, EMC Storage Replicator, FalconStor Software IPStor

EMC PowerPath Migration Enabler


Brocade DMM

Vicom Piper

Array Based

Replication, EMC SRDF, EMC MirrorView

Dedicated, EMC Open Replicator, EMC SANCopy

Switch Based

Cisco MDS Data Mobility Manager

Incipient Network Storage Platform (iNSP)

Virtualization Engines

EMC Invista

IBM Storage Volume Controller

Hitachi Universal Volume Manager / Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager

File Level

EMC Rainfinity

EMC Rainfinity

F5 Acopia ARX


SANPulse SANIntelligence

NetApp (Onaro) SANScreen

EMC PowerPath Migration Enabler