Integration of online applications in EARLY CHILDHOOD curriculum

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Integration of online applications in EARLY CHILDHOOD curriculum by Mind Map: Integration of online applications in EARLY CHILDHOOD curriculum

1. Opinions/ perspectives of the topic

1.1. more feasible for older kids (K1/K2)

1.2. younger kids need more sensorial activities rather than technology

1.3. there needs to be a balance in teacher interaction and online interaction

1.4. hands-on learning is more important than technology

1.5. teacher matters, resources are secondary

1.6. familiarity helps in retaining info, the brain just works like that - reg ht 2020

2. Pros

2.1. interactive and engaging

2.2. good substitute for worksheet

2.3. open-ended, self-correcting, children can learn from their mistake immediately

2.4. they are familiar with the functions of devices like ipad

2.4.1. helps them in retaining info

2.5. learning life-skills, social-skills

2.6. encourages independence

2.7. promote listening skills

2.8. enhances literacy skills

2.8.1. small book requires children to listen to the sounds to repeat and practice word pronunciations and blending

2.9. younger parents are more open to tech

2.9.1. they are provided resources and they seek out their own materials online to help their child, so learning continues at home

3. Cons

3.1. too dependent

3.1.1. short-attention span, which will affect their learning

3.2. affects bond between teacher and child

3.3. reluctant to try other resources

4. Issues/needs

4.1. parents' receptiveness towards it

4.1.1. parents don't wish for children to have so much screen time (health issues-myopia)

4.1.2. depends on whether parents understand that the online apps benefits children's learning

4.2. teachers are not trained in utilizing apps

4.2.1. they are not sent for courses or workshops, so they don't know how to use such apps for learning.

4.2.2. age-group, varying age of teachers, the younger ones might be able to learn or are already tech-savvy but the older teachers are not well-versed in tech

4.2.3. takes a long time to for older teachers to adapt to online apps

4.3. overuse of screen time

4.3.1. parents will be worried because at home they have screen time, in school also have screen time

4.3.2. teachers might rely too much on online applications

4.3.3. kids will prefer tech instead of group work or social interactions

4.4. lack of exposure to online applications and how to use it

4.4.1. teachers are unaware that there are apps available for them to use for teaching

5. Examples of online applications

5.1. paint

5.2. youtube

5.3. attendance app

5.3.1. little lives

5.3.2. school software

5.4. notes

5.4.1. using ipad and apple pad, different medium

5.5. educational games

5.5.1. boom learning cards


5.6. in2Era

5.6.1. In2Era, online application to enhance children's literacy, prvides access to songs, games and stories

5.7. WINGS

5.7.1. literacy program, read the books, then use the online app to learn phonics and letter blends