Victorian MP

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Victorian MP by Mind Map: Victorian MP

1. Complaints

1.1. Chinese found more gold than other colonists

1.2. Chinese used too much water

1.3. The opium was very dangerous

1.4. Chinese were stealing gold from the European areas

1.5. Chinese tents were very smelly

2. The Chinese

2.1. Each Chinese person carried a long pole on his/her shoulders, with victuals at each end.

2.2. When the Chinese walk, they are funny to watch because they walk one behind the other in a long line like wild geese .

2.3. Small eyes

3. Laws

3.1. The Chinese could pay for protection fees, for 1 pound a year.

3.2. The chinese ship owners had to pay !0 pounds pp if the boats landed in NSW or VIC

3.2.1. Chinese avoided coming to NSW and VIC

3.2.2. Stop Chinese outbreak

4. Discrimination

4.1. Distinct cultural differences

4.2. Criticised for introducing the habit of opium smoking and novel forms of gambling

4.3. The dresses, physical features and mannerisms of the Chinese made them different from the European diggers.

4.4. The europeans described the Chinese as"small in stature"

5. Religion

5.1. Chinese were heathens and idol worshippers

5.2. Chinese were pagan

5.2.1. Did not believe in Europeans' religions

5.2.2. Chinese made the europeans' religion inferior

6. Orders

6.1. Chinese stayed out of any declared township

6.2. Chinese lived in tents and huts

6.2.1. Tents made of canvas

6.2.2. Huts were made out of bark and the huts had dirty flooring.

6.2.3. Chinese had no safety