Thoughts on My First MindMap Ever!

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Thoughts on My First MindMap Ever! by Mind Map: Thoughts on My First MindMap Ever!

1. What shall I do with this tool?

1.1. learn it first

1.2. play with it

1.3. share it with kelmer

2. How can I use this tool?

2.1. For work

2.1.1. use of ciritical data online

2.2. for brainstorming

2.3. To capture ideas

3. what do i think of it so far?

3.1. intuitive

3.2. fun

3.2.1. easy to use

3.3. nifty

3.4. I like the History animation - tracks versions, you can watch the development of the mindmap

4. what next?

4.1. is there an offline mind mapping tool?

4.1.1. Yes there is. Check out Tools.

4.2. Mindmap my blog articles

4.2.1. how I work

4.2.2. gov articles

4.2.3. tons of photos!

4.2.4. Oops, stop now. this is not the place for this

5. improvements

5.1. have a bar of icons, not only one

5.1.1. faster access on the icons

5.1.2. more 'clutter' on screen