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KB Knowledge by Mind Map: KB Knowledge

1. Dealers

1.1. Support

1.1.1. Dealer Services Century Club Support Technology Regular Dealer Support Technology

1.1.2. Order Processing Order Entry Credit Editing Proofing Art Outgoing System Communications Technology Kaeser Central Adobe AS400

1.2. Training

2. Staff Support

2.1. Human Resources

2.1.1. Employee Policies

2.1.2. Security

2.1.3. Payroll/TimeClock

2.1.4. Hiring Polices

2.2. Technology

2.2.1. Systems Docuware Role Location Admin Psi-Gen Articles PsiGen Role Admin Location Articles Citrix VDE Articles Admin Cisco VPN AS400 Articles Order Entry/Processing United Mail Curbstone Credit Card Processing EDI Errors Keyes Mail Insightly API Mailchimp Users Managing Leads Emails Phone CBTS Call Center Fax Articles Google Suite Administration Articles Gmail Drive Groups MailChimp Lists API Campaigns Freshworks Freshservice Security System & Camera RJS F23 Master Screen F24 RJS Inquiry Trello Dealer Branded Websites Kaeser Site Issues ComDoc Equipment Kaeser Employee IT Equipment Chromebooks Key FOBs? Sage50 Accounting How do I install Sage 50? Windows Articles Hardware Articles

3. Business Support

3.1. Org Chart

3.1.1. Leaders

3.1.2. Managers

3.1.3. Supervisors

3.1.4. Owners

3.2. Financial

3.2.1. Accounting ACH Procedure Active Pay Advance Billing AR Posting Checks Change Billing Charge Offs Commission Overrides Compliance Routing (Letter) Credit Card Processing OCF Credit Card Processing Credit Card Settlement Process Customer Credits Dealer Chargeback Payments Dealer Direct Deposit Setup Entering Vendor Invoices to the AS400 Freight Estimates Freight Notes (Fed Ex/General) General Commission Related Accounting Tasks Manual Invoices Master Chargeback Procedures Month End System Run Multiple Ship Batch Past Due Orders Chargeback PNC-ACH Positive Pay PNC-ACH Commission PrePayment Wires & ACH to Vendors Raise AR Releasing Vendor Holds Reruns Revised Invoices CompleteView UPS Posting Vendor Master File Vendor Specific Changes Vendor Stops and Reconciliation Checks

3.2.2. Reporting

3.3. Technology

3.3.1. Security Key Fobs

3.3.2. Vendors Google CBTS Microsoft Windows Licenses Office 365 Licences Zimcom Hosting Holland Zoom Catalogs kbwindjammer.com kaeserbestbuys.com

3.3.3. AS400 Curbstone Keyes Mail

3.3.4. Infrastructure Hardware Phones Wireless Access Points Switches Patch Panel Battery Back Up Cable Layout Security

3.3.5. Docuware

3.4. Marketing & Publishing

3.4.1. SEO Ad Words Site Tracking Reporting

3.4.2. Publications Best Buys Technology Windjammer Print Ads

3.4.3. Online Marketing MailChimp Account Management List Management API Transactional Mail Service (Mandrill) Kaeser-blair Blogs Facebook LinkedIn

3.4.4. Vendors & Products Management kibitz.net (vendor portal)

3.5. Recruiting

3.5.1. Mailing List (Gregg)

3.5.2. Technology Kaeser-blair.com Dealer Kits Insightly Logging In Home Page Contacts Leads Opportunites Converting Fliters Search Reports