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Digital Sketchbook by Mind Map: Digital Sketchbook
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Digital Sketchbook


Albin Brunovsky

External Womb


Ryue Nishizawa

Video of Construction

Indoor Plants

Antoni Gaudí

Ceramics, Sagrada Familia, Sagrada Familia, Sagrada Familia, Sagrada Familia, Gaudi choose the venetian mosaic for its permanent coloration, but the delivery time was long and made the Bishop upset. And Gaudi answer, my client is not in a hurry., ---------------------------------------------------, Casa Mila, These tiles were originally created for the Batllo house, representing seaweed, sea snail and other maritime drawings. It was finally used for the Mila house. The same tiles paved the Paseo de Gracia de Barcelona., Drawing, One of six stairwell exits onto the terrace roof. The helicoidal shape is crowned with a cross typical of Gaudi. Four of these exits are covered with marble mosaic and the other two are painted. They are over twelve feet tall., Warrior-Helmet Cap, ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Palacio Güell, Naked Brick, Drawing, Broken Ceramic/Trencadís, Broken Ceramic/Trencadís, Broken Ceramic/Trencadís, Broken Ceramic/Trencadís, ---------------------------------------------------, Casa Vicens, Flower Stand/Ceramic Tile, Finca Güell, Ceramic Wall, Ventilation Tower Cover

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Stained Glass, Casa Batilo, Balcony, Doors, Doors, Sky windows, Sky window, Casa Mila, Sliding Door, Detail, Colonia Güell, Crypt, Crypt, Sagrada Familia, Coloration Study

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Cabinet-work, Palacio Güell, Detail of the Sant. Mori Marquis sofa., Dressing Table, Detail, Detail. Metal on the bottom for tying shoelaces., Chaise Lounge, Originally upholstered in cow-hide, --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Casa Calvet, Armchair, Sketches, Bench, Casa Batilo, Staircase, Detail, Glass Cabinet, ------------------------------, Made for the dining room, this double seat allows two people to converse in comfort despite its unyielding materials. Gaudi designed one seat for men and another, wider one for women, to accommodate the cumbersome costumes of the period., Triple Seat, Folding Doors, Door, Wall Cabinet, Wall Cabinet, Window, Low-relief sculpture in door, ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Casa Mila, Double Screen, Double Screen, Screen, Seat, Mirror Frame, Mirror Frame

Wrought iron, MoMA Collection, ---------------------------------------------------, Sagrada Familia, Candle Stand, Column Protective Railing, Large Candlestick with built in steps, Lectern (wrought iron and glass?), Detail, Colonia Güell, Cross, Stoups (wrought iron and tropical shells), Window, -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Casa Mila, Main entrance to Casa Mila from Paseo de Gracia. All the Casa Mila ironwork was carried out by the Badia brothers, whom Gaudi had been training since they were young men., Detail, Hammerwork, Plant Stand, Detail, Plant Stand, Candelabrum, Grille (in MoMA collection), Balconies, Detail, Courtyard Staircase, ----------------------------------------------------, Palacio Güell, Flower Stand, Front Gate, Detail, Door. The helicoidal iron fabric of the center is thicker to protect the interior privacy., Service Stair Detail, Column Detail, ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Casa Batilo, Balcony, Balconies, The "Venetian mask" quality is a tribute to the Batllo family origin. The inner sides of these balconies were painted gold, and the reflection added to the iridescence of the façade. The sea-shell under the balcony is typical of Gaudi, and we will see it in nearly all his decorations., -----------------------------------------------, Casa Calvet, Lift Cupola, Lift Door. References basketry., Knocker, ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Casa Vicens, Gate with palm leaves, Detail, Park Güell, Doors, Windows

Other----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Collection Kiki et Pedro Uhart, Doorknobs, Kiosk designed by Gaudi in 1881 for the Santalia villa, today Finca Güell in Barcelona. Used in the sumer like a cigar smoking place., Mirrors, Watercolor proposal for Casa Mila interior


Risa Ferdman

Alejandro Ferdman

Elie Ferdman

Emily Wright

Ruthie Natanzon

Enrique Cabrera

Juan Pablo Escudero


Physalis alkekengi

Physalis alkekengi

Physalis alkekengi


Marijuana, Smoking, Growing

Gotu Kola


Pandea rubra

Pandea rubra

Pandea rubra


Paper Lanterns


The Labyrinth Society (?)

Great Sphinx of Giza





Grace Jones

Grace Jones

Silent Ganges by Maneesh De Moor



Pina Bausch