Ethiopian Tigray Conflict

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Ethiopian Tigray Conflict by Mind Map: Ethiopian Tigray Conflict

1. Whats the news

1.1. Abiy Ahmed

1.1.1. Prime Minister of Ethiopia

1.1.2. announced on Wednesday that he had ordered troops to counter an allegedly violent attack by armed forces in the country’s northern Tigray region.

2. Why has conflict started in Ethiopia?

2.1. Structure of country

2.1.1. Autonomy for country’s 10 regions regions have Own Parliaments Own Security forces Right to referendum

2.1.2. About Tigray region Wealthier than other regions Own trained army

3. Reasons for the conflict

3.1. Reduction in power of regions after Abiy Ahmed became PM

3.1.1. Abiy Ahmed reduced the authority of Tigray Officials

3.2. Local Elections in Tigray region

3.2.1. Held in insubordination of the Federal government

3.2.2. Considered illegal by the federal government

4. Recent Conflict

4.1. Accusation of stealing of artillery

4.1.1. By Prime Minister’s office

4.1.2. On Tigray People’s Liberation army

4.1.3. From federal army stationed in Tigray

4.2. Counter Argumement by TPLF

4.2.1. Part of federal army stationed in Tigray had joined TPLF

4.3. Effect

4.3.1. Clashees between the two parties

4.3.2. telephone lines blocked

4.3.3. internet services shut down

5. Any conflicts before this ?

5.1. Death of Hundessa

5.1.1. Oromo singer

5.1.2. killed

5.1.3. Effect Protests by civilians Curbed heavily by Ethiopian government Opposition leaders jailed

6. Impact on Horn of Africa

6.1. Spill over to neighbouring countries

6.1.1. Possibly in Eritrea coz of proximity to Tigray

6.1.2. Affect Destabilising of Horn of Africa region if conflict deteriorates

6.2. Involvement of foreign countries who have bases In the region

6.2.1. USA and China have bases in the region

6.2.2. If their bases gets affected these countries might get involved

6.3. Possible involvement of Sudan

6.3.1. many civilians are escaping top the region because of the conflict Affect Sudan might get drawn into the war

7. Reasons for hostility between Tigray and Eritrea

7.1. Ethiopian-Eritrean War 1998-2000

7.1.1. brutal war Many died

7.1.2. Many veterans of present day Tigray People’s Liberation Army fought in the war Eritrea hostile to Tigray region coz of this

7.2. recent news

7.2.1. Tigrayan forces in northern Ethiopia fired rockets across the border into Eritrea, claiming that the Ethiopian government was using an Eritrean airport to attack Tigray. Was denied by Ethiopian government

8. Abiy Ahmed

8.1. 4th prime minister of Ethiopia

8.2. Several conflict since he became PM

8.3. Nobel peace prize in 2019