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Watersheds of Spain by Mind Map: Watersheds of Spain

1. What is a wateshed?

2. A watershed is the area of land crossed by all the rivers that lead in the same sea or ocean. In Spain we have three differents watersheds.

3. Watershed

4. Atlantic Watershed

5. Mediterranena Watershed

6. Spain Watersheds

7. Cantabrian Watershed

8. The cantabrian watershed carries the water from the rivers that lead in the Cantabrian sea. There are short and fast rivers. They are rivers with a large water flow because of high precipitation.

9. The most important rivers that across these watershed are: Bidasoa, Ibaizabal, Besaya, Saja, Nalon, Navia and Ebro.

10. The Atlantic watershed carries water from the rivers that lead in the Atlantic ocean. We can find two types of differents rivers; The Galician rivers are short with high water flows. The plateau rivers are long with irregular water flow, because isn´t to much precipitation. Here we can find the largest river of the Peninsula, the Tajo.

11. The most important rivers in the Atlantic watersheds are: Tambre, Ulla, Miño, Duero, Tajo, Guadiana, Odiel, Tinto, Guadalquivir and Guadalete.

12. The Mediterranean watershed carries water from the rivers that lead in the Mediterranean sea. Rivers are short with irregular flows, but we have an exception, the Ebro. The Ebro is long with irregular flows, it´s the largest river of Spain.

13. The most important rivers of these watersehd are: Guadalhorce, Segura, Jucar, Turia, Mijares, Ebro, Llobregat and Ter.