Socio-Cultural Theories of Learning

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Socio-Cultural Theories of Learning by Mind Map: Socio-Cultural Theories of Learning

1. teams

2. Group work - coordination

3. It's not about the individual but a system linking to other people through interaction with the sharing of information.

3.1. social creatures

3.2. interaction is key

3.3. language/communication

4. When someone learns drawing from tools to accomplish what needs to be done i.e. using post-its

5. Battleship Example

5.1. systems

5.1.1. knowledge

5.1.2. tools

6. Vygotsky

7. situated cognition - context is vital

7.1. Italian

7.2. supermarket

8. children learning to read

9. How do we know when learning has taken place? There has been a shift in the system.

10. New node