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Ramayana by Mind Map: Ramayana
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it is common to be raised hearing Ramayana

people are considered ignorant if they dont know the story

now televised

teaches people to believe

art of Ramayana is popular

has been a spoken story since 1500 BC


Rama - one of the incarnations of Vishnu as well as the king of Ayodhya and main character of Ramayana

Sita - incarnation of Lakshmi and Rama's wife who is captured by Ravana

Ravana - evil king of Sri Lanka who lives in palace where he brings Sita and tries to get her to accept his proposal of marriage

Hanuman - the monkey general who is highly devoted to Rama and helps him greatly

Sugriva - king of the monkeys who makes sure all the monkeys try to help Rama

Lakshmana - Rama's half brother who thinks the world of him and is always by his side

the chapters

Bala Kanda

Ayodhya Kanda

Aranya Kanda






Ramayana is as large as the bible and it has been known to man since 700 BCE when it was written by Valmiki in Sanscrit

mainly talks about Rama as a hero

Written in verses called Sloka, in Sanskrit, and in Anustup

the verses are divided into chapters called Sargas

the Sargas are then divided into books called Kaandas

different versions

Indian Version

Out of India Version


devoted son

fullfilled his dharma

most well known incarnation of Vishnu

his father loved him more than his other sons

Prince and then king of Ayodhya

loyal husband